Stoma GmbH, graphic machines and devices, was founded in december 1971. Since then, etching machines and equipments have been build for

  • letterpress
  • flexo printing
  • stamping
  • gravure printing
  • safety print
  • production of punch steel

Through its own development and research STOMA-equipment is always of the latest etchtechnology standard by own. Specialists of all over the world appreciate our machines and devices manufactured in a solid and robust way.

STOMA offers all you need – planning of space, installation, electricity, solutions in relation to the environment, through to putting up and initiating the equipment and trainings.

We offer a complete range of etchtechnology. Materials and chemicals for each etch area also belong to the sales program since 1987.

A new branch of production was integrated into the company structure in 1986. Through purchase of production facilities for the fabrication of agricultural containers and additional developments, STOMA advanced to an important supplier of research institutes, institutes of technology, nuclear research institutes and the chemical industry. Developments were undertaken together with one of the worldwide leading chemical corporate groups.