Transportation Cart

The Container transportation cart is a solid all-steel construction with weel flange and wheels equipted with ball bearings.

The all-steel construction is hot-zinc dipped thus preventing corrosion for a very long period of time. The holders for the plant containers are manufactured from die cast aluminium. The Container transportation cart is maintenance-free and, owing to the excellent rolling characteristics, easy to operate.

GefäßtransportwagenThe construction of the cart is based on a wheel flange with a double-ball bearing. The turntables are arranged on top of the cart in a square and can very easily be rotated. the axles of the turntable are adjustable in a way that allows a radial movement with the result that different spaces can be achieved between the plant containers. A systematic rotation of the flange wheel and the turntables shifts the 32 Kick-Brauckmann plant containers in a regular movement against each other so that they successively reach any place within the system. Owing to the frequent changing of the locations the exposure of the plant containers to the light is virtually identical. As a whole, however, the exposure is considerably lower than that of the two-row arrangement of containers with the passageways for access on both sides which is commonly used.

The advantages achieved by this exposure to the light and the arrangement which is far better adjusted to the actual conditions prevailing in the open are further improved by other facilitations of the work. The necessary weighing of all 32 plant containers during the watering process can be performed from one single location at the turning frame. built-in latches facilitate the location of the most favorable weighing position. This makes part of the otherwise necessary passageways superfluous which in turn results in the saving of space of at least 25 per cent within the system. this turning frame is of interest, too, for rooms with artificial light, i.e., if identical light and climatic conditions have to be maintained for all plants standing in these rooms.

Major advantages in comparison to the common method (arrangement of plant containers) are as follows:

  1. Saving of space in the vegetation system
  2. Optimizing of the weighing and watering processes
  3. Acces from only one side
  4. Facilitation of the work
  5. Saving thr working hours

The transportation cart can be enlarged in dependance on the specific circumstances prevailing at its intended position. This enlargement includes also an adjusted weighing facility. It is possible to exactly operate a transportation cart accomodation with 32, 48 or 64 plant containers from only one side and with only one weighing facility.

For the process of watering the weighing facility will be brought into position and then lifted with a special mecanical device so that the individual plant container is also lifted from its holder and stands on the weighing facility during the watering process. This procedure is repeated for each individual weighing process.