Copymat for Copper

Copymat für Magnesium & Zink

This copy unit is fitted with modern electronics, an actual copy lamp (Halogenid) and stable mechanics.

The KR-computer checks the complete copy process by using a special developed software by Theimer for graphicle plants. The computer has more than 72 programs and checks the exposure time of the photocell.

The copy unit is especially made for manufacturing plates between 0,5 and 10,00 mm.

  • Automatic doors for optimal security of the staff
  • R-Computer with 72 programs and photocell
  • Economic unit for high pretensions
  • THEIMOSPEED - vacuum system for optimal results
  • Nova copy lamp with three levels
  • For universal use and absolutely reliable
Format64 x 75 cm70 x 90 cmTHEIMOSPEED
- Vacuumsystem
Nova 2,5 kWxxx
Nova 3,0 kWxxx
Nova 5,0 kWxxx