Hot Stamping Machines

Hot Stamping MachinesThe machines are based on the well-proven Heidelberg Cylinder. All machines have been generally overhauled and expanded with the well-proven special stamping module which is under continuous development.

Increase in performance
Roll diameter up to 320 mm or 4500 wound meters. This means up to 15 times fewer roll changes, substantially reducing the machine downtime. Due to the unique foil attachment set and the unequalled take-off arrangement, roll widths up to 900 mm can be easily stamped without forming creases. One-inch or threeinch cores can be used.
Constant foil tension ensures that no readjustment of the foil is necessary. Consequently, it is now possible to process large roll diameters without stopping the machine.

Hot Stamping MachinesAn optimised foil-economy programme minimises the foil consumption with only a few entries by the operator. The stamping area has been increased by 7% compared to existing systems. This does not just facilitate larger stamping formats, but rather with a label form an additional range of benefi ts arises which increases production and not just in the stamping field. Using a removable honeycomb plate in aluminium, jobs can be preassembled off the machine to speed up the change of jobs.

Technical Data

 MR 52MR 77MR 82MR 90
Max. sheet format (mm)380 x 520560 x 770570 x 820640 x 900
Min. sheet format (mm)200 x 150210 x 280210 x 280290 x 400
Max. sheet thickness (mm)0,70,750,70,75
Stamping format max. (mm)380 x 518540 x 768570 x 815620 x 840
gripper margin (mm)
Heating zones2444
Cylinder diameter (mm)380540560540
Covering tinkess (mm)1,51,51,51,5
Height of machine pile and prepile (mm)340340340340
Height of delivery pile (mm)540540540510
Length of machine (mm)4000550055004670
Width of machine (mm)2000200023002450
Height of machine (mm)2000200019001650
Siting area of base frame (mm)16000 x 12001600 x 12001600 x 12001800 x 1500
Adjustment range (mm)-0,3... + 0,3-0,3... + 0,3  
Weight of machine (kg)4500500060007500
Width of imprinting foil rolls max. (mm)518769818898
Foil roll diameter max. (mm)320 (=4500 lfm)320 (=4500 lfm)320 (=4500 lfm)320 (=4500 lfm)
Take-off rolls and programmes2333
Height of sttamping tool (mm)776,35 oder 77
Continuosly adjustable speed (sheets/h)>3000>300040001000-3000
Required power supply25kW, 380 - 415 V
3 phase + neutral + earth
25kW, 380 - 415 V
3 phase + neutral + earth
25kW, 380 - 415 V
3 phase + neutral + earth
25kW, 380 - 415 V
3 phase + neutral + earth
Drive (kW)10101010
Heating and foil take-off (kW)15151515
Diagnostics Modemjajajaja
Foil feedsAs standard 3As standard 3As standard 3As standard 3
Foil feed accuiracy (mm)0,10,10,10,1
Max. temperature (°C)230230230230

Hot Stamping MachinesHot Stamping MachinesHot Stamping Machines