Plate Cutter


Plattenschere KPS-SE DIGITALThis plate cutter has two extra strong cutters made of high alloy special steel. The upper cutter is moved downwards with an electric eccentric operation, the lower cutter remains stationary. An adjustable servo edge guide installed on both sides enables angular separation of plates.
The exact cutting process is documented with an integrated camera.

Machine typemax. width
STOMA Plate cutter KPS 085-SE DIGITAL850 mm
STOMA Plate cutter KPS 102-SE DIGITAL1020 mm
STOMA Plate cutter KPS 130-SE DIGITAL1250 mm

Plattenschere KPS-65-S

The plate cutter is equipped with two extra strong knifes made of special alloyed steel. The bottom knife is fixed, while the upper knife can be moved with a cam drive downwards. A stop which is fixed at the side renders a rectangular folding separating of the plates. offs.

Machine stand, table and knife beam are made as an extensive dimensioned welded construction. The storage of the knife beams is in high- quality, without backlash, circular guides made of bronze. All storage places are continuous lubricated and maintenance-free. Material coating and knife exposure are for upper and bottom-knife is very accurate adapted. The integrated desk adjustment renders a perfect adjustment of the cut column. In the desk plate a height compensation renders a height balance for the storage of the bottom knife a perfect re-grinding of the knife. The automatic hold-down will be done automatically while releasing the cutting and guarantees a dimensional stability of the cut-offs. The plate cutter is standard equipped with an adjustable front stop with special sliding calliper division, which guarantees a precise dimension stability of the cut-offs. The cut movement of the upper knife beam is done by a worm gear motor, which transfers the cutting pressure over maintenance–free stored cam drive to the pull anchor.


050 T
65 SE
85 SE
102 SE
102 SE
130 SE
130 SE
Width (mm)454116013601530150018102250
Height (mm)29598098098016009801600
Height desk (mm) 840840840840840840
Cutting width (mm)5006508501020102013001300
driving power (KW)
Time of
cutting progress (s)
Net weight (kg)62290320380420460500

Further Plate Cutter Types KPS-T and KPS-S available on request.