Plant Culture Pot Kick/Brauckmann

Plant culture pot made of polyethyleneWeight
860 gr
7 Ltr.
Bearing steel ring  
Drain opening with
polyethylene tube and collecting bottle
Volume3 Ltr.
Demountable galvanized wire
plant holder with two adjustable rings
Height60 cm
Indication of water level   
Transparent polyethylene lidHöhe10 cm
Lid holder  


  1. Double walled plant culture pot, made of white polyethylene, chemically inert, shock- and breakproof, but rigid in shape (860 g/7 Ltr.). 
  2. Bearing steel ring, to be connected to the desired support, e. g. benches cars etc. The pots may as well be inserted into the soil. 
  3. Drain opening with transparent polyethylene tube, and collecting bottle (3 Ltr.) of black plastic, suspended on a hook. 
  4. Galvanized wire plant holder, 60 cm in height, with two adjustable rings, removable. 

    Furthermore we are able to deliver you:
  5. Transparent lid, as a protection against frost, rain and damage by birds.

Special Properties:

Plant culture pot Kick/BrauckmannThe double wall and the low thermal conductivity of the plastic provide an excellent insulation agaist sun heat. Due to their conical shape the pots may be easily stacked, thus facilitating transport and storage.

Possible uses:

  1. Watering up to saturation with open drain according to Mitscherlich or watering to a desired pot weight with the drain closed. Water may be added to the soil surface or through the side openings, thus wetting the soil from below. 
  2. Water supply in reserve (2 Ltr.). 
  3. Water culture: The transparent polyethylene tube turned upwards indicates the water level. 
  4. Water logging experiments. 
  5. Experiment with trace elements: No external contamination with metals from the pots. 
  6. Usability as lysimeter. 
  7. Freezing and hibernation experiments; the pots are frostproof.

Plant culture pot Kick/Brauckmann