System Prof. Dr. Mitscherlich

 (Standards)Size I Size IISize III
Upper partdiameter
20 cm
21 cm
6,2 ltr.
25 cm
31 cm
14,5 ltr.
31 cm
34,5 cm
24 ltr.
Small platediameter14,5 cm14,5 cm14,5 cm
Lower Partdiameter
24 cm
7 cm
30 cm
7,5 cm
32 cm
11 cm
Vessel holderdiameter
29 x 27 cm
14,5 cm
35 x 37 cm
16 cm
40 x 37 cm
22 cm
Plant holderdiameter
upper diameter
22,5 cm
18,5 cm
80 cm
27,5 cm
23 cm
80 cm
34 cm
30 cm
80 cm

System Prof. Dr. MitscherlichSpecial Measurements:

We also make plant holders from galvanized wires that fit our culture vessels and can be placed on the upper part of such vessels.
These plant holders are made from wires of 3,2 mm to 3,8 mm thickness and have the following measurements:


System Prof. Dr. Mitscherlich

The Mitscherlich Cultivation Vessel is made of porcelain enamelled steel plate and consist of the following parts: 

(a) the upper part, which is the experimental vessel proper, and into which the soil is filled; enamelled with white porcelain.

(b) the small plate, which is inserted into the upper part with the curved side up in order to prevent the earth from falling out of the hole of water outlet; black porcelain-enamelled. This is not visible in the illustration.

(c) the lower part, which collects excess water; black porcelain-enamelled.

(d) the vessel holder, which supports the upper part so that the lower part can readily be pulled out like a drawer. This part is ground porcelain-enamelled.

(e) a stainless steel holder was drafted for the Mitscherlich pots, which can be disassembled completely or folded up as a whole.