UV-Setter, digital/CtP

UV-Setter for Magnesium & ZincUV setter lights up the plates automatically with the use of UV light. The Basysprint UV setter 742 is a flat-bed illuminator. Its special output features lights up pre-covered punched sheets of 0.46 to 1 mm. With the direct lighting with CtP, you can accelerate your production and benefit from a high process safety. The UV setters have been in use around the world since a decade and offer the highest possible safety.

CtP reduces the costs: no film, no assembly and plate copies. The processes in machines by other provides, this advantage is lost due to the high costs of the lamp. These UV setters are different, since our UV setters work with durable light modules with the new lighting concept DSI3 (Digital Screen Imaging).

Machine typefor max. plate size
UV-Setter 742820 mm x 1270 mm