Brushing maschine

Bürstenmaschine für Stahl

The brush machine is a horizontal stainless steel tunnel machine. The machine is designed in a way that the transport direction is only from left to right. The brush roll turns in process flow direction (of the parts).
Cleaning, surface or burring processes can be carried out with the machine,
depending on the selected brush rolls and brushes.

Only plate-like materials can be processed with the brush machines, such as:

  • Guide plates
  • Thick film circuitry
  • Ceramic substrate
  • Punch and laser parts
  • Die etched parts

The machine is not suitable for unstable, extendabel or compressable and are not resistant to bending.


Allowed measuresLengthWidth, max.
 min. 220 mmplate-specifical
SBM 650 600 mm
SBM 850 800 mm
SBM 1050 1000 mm
SBM 1250 1200 mm