Laminator für StahlThe machine is designed to laminate 0.45 – 1.00 mm plates from both sides (steel sheets). The machine is equipped with variable cyclic speed as well as adjustable roller pressure 2400 N and gap adjustment.
Resists by various manufacturers can be processed without a problem. Guide bars with ball bearings can be adjusted according to the plate width. The vacuum facility installed at the machine's inlet area is used for vacuuming out the residues remaining on the plate from the processing. An exhaust system guides the hot air out of the machine.

Type of machinemax. plate size
STOMA Laminator STL 450400 x 600 mm
STOMA Laminator STL 650600 x 800 mm
STOMA Laminator STL 850800 x 1000 mm
STOMA Laminator STL 10501000 x 1000 mm
STOMA Laminator STL 12501200 x 1000 mm