Steel etching machines

Steel etching machinesThis machine is designed for etching steel punch forms. The unit is working in one go spray etchning process. An additional oscillating of the spray set up as well as a variable in one go speed makes an exact etching of punch steel possible.

Type of machinemax. plate size
STOMA Steel etching machine 650600 x 800 mm
STOMA Steel etching machine 850800 x 1000 mm
STOMA Steel etching machine 10501000 x 1000 mm
STOMA Steel etching machine 12501200 x 1000 mm

FineLine Etching machine

Production of punched sheets made of special steel with etching (etching machine). These machine was conceptualised for etchings of cutting dies made of steel plates. The machine works in circuit spray etching procedure. An additional oscillation of spray machine as well as variable circuit speed enables an exact etching of punched sheet.